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How to get in touch with the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:30 PM in the Clubhouse located at the Beach Club. The Board of Directors meetings are open to all homeowners. The meeting dates are included in the calendar. Once per year, the Association holds an Annual Membership Meeting for the purpose of electing directors and conducting any other business of the Association.


The process of getting in touch with the Board of Directors or placing an item on the next meeting agenda is to submit your question or request in writing to:

Riverlakes Ranch Master Association
Attn: Board of Directors
C/O Pacific Management Company
2131 “G” St., Bakersfield, CA 93301



President: Rick Millan

Vice President: Med Daugherty

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Cecelia Anzalone

Director: Laura Cunanan

Director: Donnell Haub

Director: Vacant

Meetings on 3rd Wednesday @ 5:30


District 1: Scott Polston
District 2: Jeff Uecker
District 3: Brenda Moore
District 4: Jay Manges
District 5: William Hungerford
District 6: Esther Silva 
District 7: William McCoy
District 8: Tony Coronado
District 9: Jennie Henden
District 10: Laurence Goscinski
District 11: Vacant
District 12: Mary Powelson
District 13: Vacant


Please use this form to submit any questions and or suggestions to the Riverlakes Ranch Master Association.

Pacific Management Company
2131 "G" Street
Bakersfield, CA. 93301-3929


Contact: Contact

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